DMF - Charting a Course to Marine Net-Zero - Shared screen with speaker view
Guilbert, Steve
Morning everyone. Feel free to post your thoughts/comments/questions here.
cwsmith Exeter
I thought the Celtic Sea Power array was going ahead ??? this shows it as cancelled.
HGVs zero carbon from 2040...I think?
Jim Masters
What role do people see for Spatial Prioritisation of the marine space? Marine plans have not been fully spatial or strategic to this point, this is likely to change.
Juliette Jackson
Please can you pop your last slide up again with the contact details? Or write in here - thank you :)
Chris Marrow
Appledore are very interested in clean propulsion issues
cwsmith Exeter
Chris Smith - c.w.smith@exeter.ac.uk, also look at www.futurecleanmobility.com
cwsmith Exeter
We've been talking with Appeldore (Harland and Wolfe) for a while. Met with their MD couple of weeks back and further meeting shortly. Huge opportunity for them to grow business in clean vessels, esp for wind farm service vessels. We're keen to support them in whatever way we can.
cwsmith Exeter
I don't know much at all about space prioritisation. Sorry 1 Should I ?
cwsmith Exeter
HGVs are switching quickly. Most of the manufacturers have stopped development of new diesel engines, and are winding down their diesel engine production plans. Some have declared they will cease making and selling diesel engine vehicles soon. Volvo and Scania are class leading.
Chris Marrow
Colin - think of a rogue vessel arriving from deep sea arriving in poor weather and going straight into an offshore wind farm. There is the potential for a Torrey Canyon type of disaster. Ships and wind farms have to be kept well apart.
cwsmith Exeter
Yes, plans for ban of sale of new diesels HGVs by 2040. At that point I expect the supply chain for engines into maritime will pretty much stop. But I expect the business case for clean power will mean a switch to battery/hydrogen well before 2040. Fingers crossed.
Claire Wallerstein
If anyone is interested in seeing our 30-min Cornwall Climate Care documentary 'Plenty More Fish?' looking at how climate change is affecting the Cornish fishing industry you can see it here: https://www.cornwallclimate.org/films/plenty-more-fish
I think you'll be pushing on an open door as far as speaking to OWF developers goes. Although as you said the emerging fleet of SOVs are big vessels designed to stay at sea for a long time. Potential for power offtake offshore perhaps?
cwsmith Exeter
There is power available offshore of course, potentially both electricity and hydrogen. Fuelling with hydrogen at sea is far from sorted right now though.
cwsmith Exeter
It does seem an obvious win though...
cwsmith Exeter
I thought HFCs were banned a long time back
Juliette Jackson
Ditto contact details please - unfortunately my zoom bar was covering the email! Thank you
Andrew F Johnson (MarFishEco)
Claire Wallerstein
Plastics degrading in UV on beaches are releasing potent GHGs (methane and ethylene) https://www.unep.org/news-and-stories/story/double-trouble-plastics-found-emit-potent-greenhouse-gases
Chris Smith Exeter
My laptop is telling me it will restart itself in 5 mins, and I cannot stop it. Grrrr….
Charles Sinclair
Apart from the legislation regarding wtrawling are there other practical initiatives that you are having to action to re-establish the kelp forest
Claire Wallerstein
Sorry to keep pushing our films (!) but our latest episode of Cornwall's Climate Stories is all about sea level rise and coastal erosion, shoreline management plan etc …. just in case anyone is interested!! It has its final special preview screening at Plymouth Arts Cinema this Sat Dec 11, more info and bookings here: https://plymouthartscinema.org/whats-on/cornwall-climate-stories-three-short-films-qa/
Claire Wallerstein
Otherwise it can be watched from Dec 12 on our website cornwallclimate.org/films
Charles Sinclair
Will the profile of the shingle bank on the River Otter be significantly altered by the tidal inundation?
Claire Wallerstein
I have to go now, but thank you very much - such an interesting event, brilliant presentations.
Chris Smith Exeter
Thanks all - I've got to head off to give a lecture. Cheers Chris
Juliette Jackson
Great presentations - thank you. Juliette Jackson. Seadream Education CIC
Daniel Crockett
Thanks all
Sue Scott
Thank you very much, that was an enlightening and interesting conference.